4 Reasons to Use Hypnotherapy Background Music

Hypnosis music

Do you really need hypnosis music in the background while conducting therapy sessions or self-hypnosis? Many people would say that the music is only a nice-to-have addition that doesn’t really play any role besides creating a bit of ambiance.

However, there are some really good arguments for giving hypnosis music a little more prominence in your therapy or meditation sessions. Here are at least four good reasons for using appropriate background hypnosis music:

  1. it acts as a trance inducer
  2. it shifts people from a physiological stress response to a rest response
  3. it creates a blanket of sound that gives the client privacy
  4. it enables the therapist to relax while allowing the music to support the client

Let’s look at these points in a little more detail:

Music as a trance inducer

We all know how music can either excite or relax, but have we ever considered that these are actually hypnotic suggestions for certain moods? Good hypnosis music will contain harmonic progressions and rhythms that literally suggest relaxation and ease to the subconscious mind. The music itself acts as a kind of indirect suggestion to the client to relax and let go into deeper states of awareness.

Shifting from stress to rest

When we are stressed, our physiology is prompted to enter a state commonly known as the fight-or-flight response. When this happens, we are primed for action and feel alert and watchful. While there are benefits to this, the down-side is that we stop performing the important recuperative functions like digestion and healing. To really relax, we need to convince the mind that we are safe and that there is no need to be so alert and defensive. When this happens, we go into the rest-and-digest state, where true healing can happen.

Music, with its ability to instantly shift our moods and take us out of our problems, is an excellent way of prompting us out of the stress response and into rest-and-digest.

A sense of privacy

When a client is in a deep state of hypnosis, the last thing you want is for them to become aware of the silence and to become self-conscious. Some gentle ambient background music can put them at ease and create a blanket of sound that gives them the privacy necessary for deep inner work.

Relaxation for the therapist

When the client is in a trance, you need to make sure that they feel supported and that the ambiance is right so that they feel safe to go deeper into relaxation. Why not let the music do this work for you while you sit back and relax for a while?

Now that you know more about the very real benefits of background hypnosis music, you might want to try some in your next client session or self-hypnosis journey.

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