Royalty-Free Chillout Music for Relaxing Video Backgrounds

Our Ambient Chillout range extends our original ‘music for hypnosis’ idea by adding subtle beats, gentle instrumentation and voice tones to create a more active meditative experience with the same high-consciousness intention. It is designed for use as background music in videos, creating a dreamy and slightly trippy vibe without getting in the way of any voiceovers or embedded brainwave entrainment. Also great as a relaxing wind-down program after workshops and yoga classes or for playing during massage and bodywork sessions.


Royalty-free licence: All tracks come with a royalty-free commercial licence enabling you to use the music as background tracks for videos, movies, guided meditation recordings and other downloadable products. (* See bottom of page for terms & conditions).

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Ambient Chillout Vol. 1 Ocean Balm

Inspired by the ocean and a line from Rumi: “We are a drop in the ocean, and the ocean is a drop in us.” Let the subtle melodies and gentle beats carry you to the inner ocean of cosmic bliss. 


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Royalty free chillout music - Island Lullaby

Chillout Mix Pack – Island Lullaby

Five alternative mixes of the ‘Island Lullaby’ track from the album Ocean Balm.  Designed to be played individually or one after the other for an extended listening experience.


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 Free Hypnosis & Meditation Music

Help yourself to free music for hypnotherapy and guided meditation sessions. Each track comes with royalty-free licence for commercial use. Sign up for our newsletter on purchase and get notified of more free music. (*Free tracks do not count towards the 20% discount for premium tracks.)

Ambient Therapy Vol 1. Flowing Dream: ‘Deep Mind’ (Sampler Mix)

Free hypnosis background music. Listen and download now.

Ambient Therapy Vol 3. Cosmic Ocean: ‘Starlight Lullaby’ (Sample Mix)

Free hypnosis music track – 2-minute sample Find more hypnosis and meditation music in our shop.  

* Royalty-free music licence conditions: 1) You may NOT resell the music by itself – your product must be a derivative work, i.e. where the music is used as the background to a voiceover, as the soundtrack on a video or as a carrier for brainwave entrainment. 2) Sales volume limits: Physical copies (CDs, DVDs etc) – 2 000 copies; Electronic file downloads, streaming and video plays – Unlimited. 3) Video monetization on YouTube, Vimeo etc. allowed. 4) Duration of contract: Unlimited

More Music Genres

Divine Mantra - LAUNCHING SOON

Subtle ohm and vedic chants with meditative instrumentals and chillout beats.   

Hypnosis & Meditation

Music for hypnosis sessions, guided meditations and video background tracks.   

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