Why use music for hypnotherapy?

For the therapist, having some gentle music in the background while a client is in a deeply relaxed state can help take some of the pressure off you. Instead of talking or worrying about what to do or say next, let the music hold a supportive space for both you and your client.

For the client, some gentle background music can really help create a sense of privacy, eliminating any self-consciousness that might keep them in a state of tension. The music creates a comfortable blanket of sound that lets the client know they really can relax and let go. Also, the very nature of this ambient therapy music, with its pure resonance and enlightening themes, suggests a quieting of the mind and an opening of the heart, leading to states of healing and inspiration.

Does the music contain binaural beats or other brainwave entrainment technology?

Music for Therapy vol. 1 contains no added binaural beats or brainwave altering technology. The reason for this is simple – at the volume this music will be played, any tones are beats will be inaudible. Also, the aim of this music is not to induce trance, it is simply to support trance and deep relaxation.

Tracks that do include brainwave entrainment technologies are in the pipeline and will be released as separate albums.

Can I use this music for reiki or other forms of healing and bodywork?

Yes indeed. All the criteria for hypnotherapy music – for example that melodies not be distracting, that the volume and tempo be even – are equally valid for all forms of bodywork and energy healing.

Is payment secure?

Yes. Your purchase is handled by Bandcamp.com and your mp3s will be available immediately for download.

What is ambient therapy music?

True healing happens when a person who is focused on low-energy problem states of being reconnects with higher levels of consciousness in which their innate wholeness and wellbeing is recognised. This raising of consciousness can happen through meditation, enlightened therapy, and through activities such as listening to harmonious, heart-centred music. Ambient Therapy music is created with the intent of entraining body and mind to expanded states of consciousness where true healing may occur.
Let the healing compositions and sound frequencies of AmbientHypnosis recordings guide you to expanded states of being where true creativity, peace and healing maybe enjoyed.


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