What makes hypnotherapy music special?

Just because  music says it’s suitable for hypnotherapy sessions doesn’t mean it actually is. It’s not enough to have some gentle new-agey music going in the background and hope that your client is going to relax and go into a nice, healing trance. That haunting melody with the hint of drama that was so good to listen to while you were doing chores around the house or just sitting and relaxing can be quite distracting when you’re trying to achieve deep alpha or theta states.

Criteria for hypnotherapy music

A hypnotherapist, or indeed any other mind-body healing practitioner, needs music that does these things:

  • It must hold a space and create a sense of privacy for the client when they are processing emotions (it’s so much easier to let go and relax when you have a comfortable blanket of sound surrounding you)
  • It must not draw attention to itself, so melodies should be subtle and there should be no sudden changes in tempo or volume
  • It should avoid lyrics and vocals
  • It must be positive and gently uplifting
  • It must be designed to be played at low volume, so it has to be very even-toned to avoid silences where the volume dips below the audible range.
  • And most importantly – the music should be pleasing to listen to, with subtle melodies and themes that gently suggest an open heart and relaxed mind

AmbientHypnosis tracks are created from the ground up with these principles and have been tested in numerous live therapy sessions with clients. The result is a collection of tracks truly worthy of the description music for hypnotherapy.

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