Not all relaxing music is good for hypnosis and hypnotherapy

It’s not enough to use any old new-age music in the background for your hypnosis and meditation sessions. Those melodies that sound good to listen to you while you’re in a waking state can be very distracting when you’re in a nice deep trance.

The inspired minds here at AmbientHypnosis have come up with a list of four characteristics that good hypnosis music should have if it is to be effective:

  1. Melodies pleasing to listen to but not distracting
  2. Solo instruments muted so as not to distract
  3. Lyrics and vocals should be avoided as they can be distracting
  4. Volume intensity must be consistent throughout to avoid dropping below the audible level when played at low volume
  5. The overall tone must be positive and gently uplifting

Our Ambient Therapy range has been created from the ground up with these principles for effective hypnosis music. This is not just relaxing music, it is created specifically for use as a background to your voice in live hypnotherapy sessions or in hypnosis recordings and brainwave entrainment.

Listen now and see for yourself how relaxed and meditative you become.

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