Ambient music for hypnotherapy, reiki and mind-body healing

AmbientHypnosis provides essential ambient background music for hypnotherapy sessions, self-hypnosis, relaxation and any form of mind-body healing.

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Ambient hypnosis music for hypnotherapy, reiki and mind-body healing

Ambient Therapy vol. 1: A flowing dream – Music for Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Mind-body healing

Created by a hypnotherapist specifically for hypnotherapy sessions and other modalities like reiki, cranio-sacral and bodywork. The music gently suggests deep relaxation and inspiration, creating a private space in which to explore inner worlds. More about this album ….

Music for meditation, focus and energy

Ambient soundscapes vol. 1: Energy connectors and generators – Music for altered consciousness

Music that expands and focuses the attention of the listener while stimulating whole-brain integration and body-mind harmony. Helps achieve higher states of consciousness and well-being. (This album is still being put together, so only single tracks are available now).